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Program Overview

One of the primary incentives to attain and/or maintain Silver or Gold recognition are the licenses awarded to partners for internal-use, training, testing and demonstration purposes. These benefits are awarded based on three factors including highlest level achieved, active competencies and optional additional tool-kits. Many partners maximize their entitlements in order to off-set the cost of their external licensing agreements such as an EA (Enterprise Agreement) for example.  Per current program rules (June 2016) active competency partners may opt to purchase up to fourteen additional tool-kits per membership pending each site qualifies. The tool-kit purchases also duplicate your support benefits such as Advisory Hours, Technical Support and Signature Cloud Support.


Above and beyond general license and support benefits partners also receive a wealth of other entitlements that are accessible to those associated to your membership. Several examples are provided below for your review and records, but please be aware that some benefits are only available based on competency attainment. For specific questions, concerns or to schedule a call to discuss further please do not hesitate contacting us at:

Other Program Benefits
Microsoft Partner Finder (Formally Pinpoint)
Partner Finder is the primary Microsoft directory for active partners. By profiling your membership and associated locations it allows your organization to connect with other participants, customers and/or clients whereby accelerating your business growth and profitability. Partner Finder displays search results based on branding, competency attainment, associated individuals/MCP’s and hierarchy depth.
Partner Incentives

Incentives are grouped into four categories including the following: Enterprise, SMB (Small & Medium Business) and Cloud Service/Devices. Each category has individual requirements in order to become eligible and participate.


Planning Services

Planning Services offers (to qualified partners) delivery support to your organization during engagements which often opens more business opportunities - all while getting paid by Microsoft directly via voucher redemption.  These are available for a variety of Microsoft solutions including the following examples:


  • Azure Deployment Planning Services

  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services

  • Development Tools Deployment Planning Services

  • Dynamics Deployment Planning Services

  • Private Cloud / Virtualization Deployment Planning Services

  • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

  • Skype Deployment Planning Services

  • SQL Server Deployment Planning Services


Additional Entitlements

  • Sales & Marketing Materials: Logo Builder, Campaigns and Events for example

  • Training via Partner University (Training Paths) and similar resources

  • Logo Builder

  • Partner Offers and Promotions

  • Cloud SureStep

  • Application Builder Center

  • Many others...


For questions, concerns or to schedule a call please contact us at

Note: Some benefit entitlements are only available to eligible partners

and access may be blocked until branding is validated.


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